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 Courses Offered
Courses Offered
Science & Humanities
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Department of Mechanical Engineering
The Mechanical engineering is one of the core engineering departments, which has potential to accommodate all efficient engineers. The Mechanical engineers serve all other branches of engineering directly or indirectly. The Mechanical engineers can find their place in Automobile engineering sector, Steel Plants, Power plants, Software industries, Manufacturing industries, Design industries, Military, Naval and Air force, Defense research organizations, Material research organizations etc.

The Mechanical Engineering department of the college was established in the year 2004 with an intake of 60 students, offering U.G programme in B.Tech .In the following years the intake was increased to 120. The department also offers one P.G. programme, M.Tech with specialization in AMS (Advanced Manufacturing Systemes) and Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with an intake of 120. The courses and programmes offered by the department not only imparts technical expertise to the students but also give a professional experience.
Mission:The Department's mission is to generate employable mechanical engineering graduates with knowledge, skills and ethics; provide them with the professional and soft skills necessary to lead a successful career and peaceful life and equip them with the confidence necessary to contribute to society by performing in their respective chosen fields of endeavor.
Faculty:The department has a team of highly qualified, dedicated and motivated faculty. The faculty specialization covers all the areas of Mechanical Engineering like Machine Design, Manufacturing, Thermal Engineering, CAD/CAM, CIM, Industrial Engineering etc. Faculty members strive to impart excellence in theoretical, practical knowledge to the students and make them employable. All the faculty members of the department are ratified by JNTUH and many of the faculty members are pursuing their Ph.D from the reputed universities.
Laboratories:The Mechanical Engineering Department has well equipped laboratories with state of the art facilities. The equipment in each lab is upgraded continuously and supplemented to meet curricular norms. All the students are given hands on experience on all the Machines and equipments, by the team of well experienced Faculty and Lab Assistants. The Department has the following laboratories.
List of Laboratories
  • 1. Engineering Work Shop
  • 2. Metallurgy and Material Science Lab
  • 3. Mechanics Of Solids Lab
  • 4. Thermodynamics Lab (Fuels Lab)
  • 5. Manufacturing Process Lab ( PT Lab)
  • 6. Kinematics and Dynamics Laboratory
  • 7. Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines Lab
  • 8. Machine Tools Lab
  • 9. Metrology Lab
  • 10. Thermal Engineering Lab
  • 11. Heat Transfer Lab
  • 12. Production Drawing Practice
  • 13. CAD/CAM Lab
  • 14. Instrumentation Lab
  • 15. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab
  • 16. Pneumatics Lab
  • 17. Manufacturing Simulation & Precision Engineering Lab
  • 18. Servicing & Maintenance Lab
   Faculty Details
Sl No. Name Designation Qualification Photos
1 Dr. P.Suresh Babu Professor M.E, Ph.D Photo
2 Dr. Biswajit Nayak Professor M.E, Ph.D(IIT) Photo
3 G.K. Shanmukh Dev Assoc Professor M.E, (Ph.D) Photo
4 B. Venkateswar Reddy Assoc Professor M.E, (Ph.D). Photo
5 V.Krishna Reddy Assoc. Professor MS Photo
6 SK. Ameer Asst. Professor M.Tech, (Ph.D) Photo
7 MD. Sajjad Asst. Professor M.Tech, (Ph.D) Photo
8 B. Nageshwar Asst.Professor M.Tech, (Ph.D) Photo
9 V.Arun Asst.Professor M.Tech Photo
10 K. Jyothi Asst. Professor M.Tech Photo
11 E. Krishna Deepak Asst.Professor M.Tech Photo
12 Ch. Seshagiri Rao Asst.Professor M.Tech Photo
13 P. Durga Ravi Prasad Asst.Professor M.Tech Photo
14 D Santhosh Kumar Asst. prof. M.Tech, (Ph.D) Photo
15 M. Sonachalam Asst. Professor M.E, (Ph.D) Photo
16 P. Hari Asst. Professor M.Tech Photo
17 S. Sudhakara Asst. Professor M.Tech Photo
18 K. Devi Singh Asst. Professor M.Tech Photo
19 K. Ganeshan Asst.Professor M.E Photo
20 T. Shahinsha Asst.Professor M.Tech Photo
21 M. Srikanth Kumar Asst.Professor M.Tech Photo
22 K. Chaithanya Kumar Asst.Professor M.Tech Photo
23 G. Bhavani Asst.Professor M.Tech Photo
24 M. Anjali Asst.Professor M.Tech Photo
25 B. Harinath Reddy Asst.Professor M.Tech Photo
26 G. Somasekhar Asst. Professor M.Tech Photo
27 Girish Kumar Asst. Professor M.Tech Photo
28 P. Praveen Kumar Reddy Asst.Professor M.Tech Photo
29 M. Raj kiran Asst.Professor M.Tech Photo
30 U. Rama Krishna Asst.Professor M.Tech Photo
31 M.Anil Asst.Professor M.Tech Photo
32 N.Sathish Kumar Asst.Professor M.Tech Photo
33 M. Narasimha Lecturer B.Tech Photo
34 Faiz Ali Lecturer B.Tech Photo
35 Fareeda Begum Lecturer B.Tech Photo
36 N. Shabana       Lecturer B.Tech Photo
37 N.Hanuma Naik Lecturer B.Tech Photo
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