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 Courses Offered
Courses Offered
Science & Humanities
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Controlling Machines
Mechanical Engineering department in Mahaveer Institute of Science & Technology was started in the year 2004 with intake strength of 60 seats. The department has well qualified and trained faculty members. It has well equipped laboratories and workshops and includes a CAD/CAM laboratory where students are imparted training in advanced production techniques and design and analysis of machine elements.

Over the years, the department has produced students who have gained recognition in Industry with their professional outlook and technical competence.
   Faculty Details
Sl No. Name Designation Qualification Photos
1 Dr. Paul Pandian Professor M.Tech, Ph.D Photo
2 G.K. Shanmukh Dev Assoc Professor & HOD M.E, Ph.D Photo
3 B. Venkateswar Reddy Assoc Professor M.E Photo
4 M. Yadi Reddy Asst. Professor M.Tech Photo
5 SK. Ameer Asst. Professor M.Tech Photo
6 MD. Sajjad Asst. Professor M.Tech Photo
7 Ch. Seshagiri Rao Asst.Professor M.Tech Photo
8 B. Nageshwar Asst.Professor M.Tech Photo
9 E. Krishna Deepak Asst.Professor M.Tech Photo
10 K. Jyothi Asst. prof. M.Tech Photo
11 P. D. Ravi Prasad Asst.Professor M.Tech Photo
12 B Suman Asst. prof. M.Tech Photo
13 U. Rama Krishna Asst.Professor M.Tech Photo
14 D Santhosh Kumar Asst. prof. M.Tech Photo
15 K. Devi Singh Asst. Professor M.Tech Photo
16 M. Sonachalam Asst. Professor M.Tech Photo
17 P. Hari Asst. Professor M.Tech Photo
18 M. Anjali Asst. prof. M.Tech Photo
19 G. Bhavani Asst. prof. M.Tech Photo
20 G. Somasekhar Asst. Professor M.Tech Photo
21 Girish Kumar Asst. Professor M.Tech Photo
22 T. Venugopal Reddy Asst. Professor M.Tech Photo
23 P. Praveen Kumar Reddy Asst. prof. M.Tech Photo
24 B. Harinath Reddy Lecturer B.Tech Photo
25 M. Raj kiran Lecturer B.Tech Photo
26 Fareeda Begum Lecturer B.Tech Photo
27 Faiz Ali Lecturer B.Tech Photo
28 M. Narasimha Lecturer B.Tech Photo
29 N. Shabana       Lecturer B.Tech Photo
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