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Training and Development Cell


Training and development focused on activities by providing rapid access to modern and innovative methods; to those unique learning environments; and Identifies capability needs based on processes that focused on research and development for the purpose of mutual understanding and application of learning.

Faculty must begin "where the learner is"; that is, the educator must work according to the needs and interests of the students.

a. To develop a clear realization of climate in the institution, including managerial support for teaching, faculty attitudes toward teaching innovation.

b. To discuss extensively with faculty, or systematically investigate, their expressed needs and interests associated to teaching; offer series of programmes on issues of interest, involving faculty in planning as much as possible, and encouraging faculty to participate in as many sessions in the series as possible;

c. To develop "themes" based on issues of interest, offering several activities or services related to the themes for example, making materials available, holding workshops/seminars/conferences, having discussion groups, and offering grants for faculty projects, each related to the theme;

d. To provide the infrastructure and resources for a peer consultation program, encouraging longer-term interaction among participants by holding meetings of all participants and discussion groups throughout the academic year;

e. To Communicate regularly with the participants in instructional development activities, including holding follow-up meetings, and encouraging the exchange of resources among faculty on topics of interest.


This cell caters to fulfill the following needs of the institution.

Pedagogical Training.
Design and Delivery of Outcome based Learning Practices.
Training of Faculty .
Research Methodology.
Career orientation Programmes.
Competency based Education Training.

Faculty who apply OD for any Workshops/Seminars/Conferences and other activities of the same nature must take due permission from Training & Development Cell in advance.
Faculty must attend atleast two (2) Workshops/Seminars/Conferences and other activities of the same nature in every academic year.
Faculty should submit proof of participation in the form of certificate copy to the cell immediately after completion of the programme.
Faculty should attend all the training programmes conducted on campus.
Faculty should submit copy of all materials to the Department received after the training is completed.
Faculty must render services after any Workshops/Seminars/Conferences and other activities of the same nature.
Service may come in the form of reports, echo seminar, or other assignments that he/she may be asked to render.
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